WEIRD: Immortality Is Now A Possibility

Scientists have made many discoveries recently, like the planet of diamonds, the possible cure for aids, particles that move at the speed of light and just recently, the secret to immortality. This is more than just a stupid story about the fountain of youth or some Dracula's tale but actually a thing.... A real thing. Scientists have discovered the immortal Jellyfish and in studying the creature secrets to immortality can  be discovered, 

"Teach me your ways young Jellyfish." Quote by Trinikid

The Turritopsis Nutricula is a type of Jellyfish that scientists have determined to be biologically immortal. Even though a simple sickness or a natural disaster can send the Jellyfish plunging into the deep abyss of death, it is not affected by ageing. Therefore if the jellyfish remains healthy it will live on for all eternity.

At any point in the Jellyfish's life cycle it can revert to the form of a polyp and well.... grow again, then revert, then grow again. Every time it becomes of age, its cells undergo transdifferentiation to become young and sexually immature again. So from this, scientists are trying to find a way to use the same concept of transdifferentiation on human cells. 

The human body is much more complex than a Jellyfish, but the lovely scientists are on the case to relate the two cells. 

"I don't think that i'll want to live forever, but to be age 70 and looking like a 25 year old sounds nice. The reversion of age, or simply the prevention of aging sounds good. It may not be all fun and games living forever but atleast i'll have more time to listen to Oppan Gagnam Style and finish my homework." Quote by Trinikid