BOX OFFICE: How Much Did 007 Skyfall Gross On Its Opening Day? An Impressive $33 Million.

Skyfall has officially landed in the US, and it's causing all kinds of havoc. The film recently teared up the international market with a $346.8 million gross since October 26th and an epic $4.6 million in the US midnight screenings. The film had a lot of hype and domestically the film opened to a whopper!! It grossed an impressive $33 million on Friday alone making it the highest grossing 007 film ever in the history of Bonds.

Skyfall is expected to cross $88 million at the end of the weekend tally, or even more. We'll just have to wait and see how the weekend plays out.

"I wasn't too eager to go see Skyfall but now i'm pumped. I need to see the film now." Quote by Trinikid