Weird News: 12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Home Intruder And Is Called A Hero.

A sixth-grade girl from Oklahoma heard her doorbell ring. Then she heard someone knock violently on her front door. What happened next is absolutely awesome.

Kendra St. Clair called her mother, who told her to grab a gun and hide in a closet. When the intruder broke into the home, Kendra St. Clair called 911, while following her mother’s orders. The intruder was inside the home for a grand total of six minutes, all the while Kendra was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. Next, she saw the light to the bathroom turn on. Then she saw the handle to the bathroom turning.
And that’s when Kendra St. Clair shot a dude in the chest. The guy ran, but police caught him, and now the guy is in jail with a $250,000 bond.

Keep in mind that Kendra St. Clair is a twelve-year-old. She’s also one of two children being raised by a single mother, so she’s probably used to pulling her own weight around the house. What she’s not used to–since she had never fired a gun in her life–is shooting people.

Now, accolades are flying in from every direction. Kendra is getting praised for her act of heroism, and specifically for keeping her head cool during a terrifying situation. And just as I don’t blame guns for tragic cases like Jesse Rainey, I don’t want to praise guns for this awesome story. The credit goes to Kendra, who acted more efficiently than most adults would have acted.

As for me, I would’ve set booby traps. I would’ve put precariously-arranged Christmas tree ornaments under the windows, and I would’ve heated my doorknobs so I could burn the intruder’s palms. Yep. My desire to live out Home Alone will one day be the death of me.

Post Courtesy Elliot Morgan of Sourcefed


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