ENTERTAINMENT: Alicia Keys Releases Music Video For Girl On Fire.... Review!!

Alicia Keys dropped the music video for Girl on Fire yesterday and guess what? Nicki Minaj was nowhere in it. I watched the video a second time to see if I could have found Nicki Minaj, but I couldn't. So I scrolled down to read some comments and different people had different views on Nicki's absence. Some said that without Nicki the song was horrible and some people were glad that Nicki wasn't in the video. But at the end of the day, Alicia Keys is still super hot.

"Glad nicki isnt in it. And what do you mean old Alicia?! THIS IS ALICIA. She HAS NOT changed I love her, pure class and quality music." Quote by Youtuber.


I honestly didn't like the video, because it was simply just a bunch of clips of Alicia Keys singing, and no real substance to it. I imagined the video to have a bunch of clips of girls doing amazing things. Clips about McKayla Maroney and the rest of the US female Olympians that did well and stuff. But that's just me.

Anywayz, form your opinion. Below is the video.