SPORTS: Usain Bolt Wins The Men's 100M Finals And Sets New Record At The London 2012 Olympics. Richard Thompson Places Second To Last

The tension was high at the London Olympics when the eight fastest men in the world steeped out unto the track. All eyes were on the Olympic record holder Usain Bolt and his training partner Yohan Blake. Richard Thompson went into the race as the second fastest in the world and had high hopes to go in and take gold.

However the race was easily taken by the tall Jamaican Usain Bolt who surpassed the other runners by a pretty comfortable margin. He placed first setting a new Olympic record of 9.63 seconds, breaking his previous record of 9.69 set at the Beijing Olympics.

Yohan Blake, the other Jamaican followed shortly after his training partner Usain Bolt in a cool 9.75 seconds. Then it was the Americans that followed with Justin Gatlin placing third with 9.79 seconds. Richard Thompson really didn't say much in the race but at least he defeated Asafa Powell, who had a groin injury during the run.

My fellow Trinidadian, Richard Thompson is now the seventh fastest 100M sprinter in the world. Big up.

A big congratulations to Usain Bolt on his epic performance once again at the Olympics.