BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Total Recall Make/Gross On It's Opening Day? A Cool $9.5 Million.

Total Recall had a pretty good opening day, but according to rival studios, the film may not have grossed enough to cover its cost of $150 million unless it strikes gold overseas.

The film managed to gross $9.5 million on Friday which may be able to get the film a second place position in the weekend box office below The Dark Knight rises. However you need to take into consideration that this is TDKR's third week. So Total Recall really did disappointingly to be below TDKR in it's opening.

Some people believe that the London 2012 Olympics may have had a toll on ticket sales, but there is no direct link visible to researchers, so we can only assume. Total Recall may reach an average gross of $26.5 million for the weekend but we'll just have to wait and see if it even reaches.

"I'm kind of surprise that an action film with Kate Beckinsale in it didn't deliver. Kate Beckinsale is damn hot. Maybe the London Olympics really did have a toll on ticket sales....hmmmmm. I mean, Usain Bolt running this weekend, people probably didn't want to miss it I guess. Let's hope Total Recall does better next weekend. Very unlikely though" Quote by Trinikid.