BREAKING NEWS: Gunman Kills 12 People In Colorado Movie Theatre During Dark Knight Midnight Showing.

People lined up outside theatres for hours just to be the first to get visual of The Dark Knight Rises, but for some, those hours were their last. According to reports 12 people were killed, and dozens injured at an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre Friday morning.

The suspect supposedly entered the theatre which was showing the newly released Dark Knight Rises film, ejected some type of tear gas and then proceeded to open fire on the audience.

The shooter has been caught and identified as the 24 year old, James Holmes. He's in custody right now awaiting a sentence.

"I hate when people ruin a good movie, first David Letterman, who gave away the ending of the movie, and now this stupid shooter. It was even cancelled in Paris due to the shootings. My condolences go out to the family that suffered from this traumatic experience." Quote by Trinikid.