BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Dark Knight Make/Gross In It's Opening Weekend? A Hefty $160.9 Million

Okay, so the final chapter of the Dark Knight didn't do as well as I thought. Even though it made the third highest opening gross off all time and the number one for a 2D movie, it still fell short. The rate of ticket sales at the beginning was extremely high and the film was gearing to make a big time haul of at least $180 million. However the Colorado shootings affected business for the movie really bad causing sales to plummet. According to box office reports The Dark Knight Rises grossed $160.9 million in it's opening weekend.

Doesn't it seemed as though the Dark Knight films are cursed? Well the last two. Firt heath Ledger killed himself then the Colorado shooting. Thank God, this is the last Dark Knight film. Anyway, I haven't seen the film yet, and I feel really old for that. I guess i'm going to have to make time to get to the theatres and watch it.