ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did Snow White And The Huntsman Make In It's Opening Midnight Screening? A Cool $1.383 Million.

So it's that time of the week where I analyse and report all things box office, and the big release for this weekend is Snow White And The Huntsman. Now the records for its opening day hasn't been released yet, the number crunching is still going on, but we have the records for its midnight screening and it did really well, not too bad after all the criticism. The film grossed a cool $1.383 million in its midnight screening, placing it within the ranks of films like Clash Of The Titans and Immortals.

$1.383 million isn't bad at all and Snow White And The Huntsman may just pull off a good opening weekend after all. It will be really good news for Universal after a few of their high budget films flopped in the box office, "cough* cough* The Five Year Engagement cough* cough* Battleship."

So Universal Studios may be on their knees praying right now for Snow White And The Huntsman, aka SNATH, to succeed this weekend.

Will the film top the box office this weekend or is it going to be another disappointing weekend for Universal? Only time will tell, they definitely have a good start though.

*fingers crossed*