BREAKING NEWS: How Did Rodney King Die? More Details Of His Death Revealed.

I wrote earlier that Rodney King had died and his body was found in his pool in his home at Rialto, CA. However this time we got a little bit more detail on his death.

Apparently Rodney King had been drinking alcohol heavily and smoking Marijuana the night before his death, according to his FiancĂ© Cynthia Kelley. So with this, you may think that he was drunken and as a result he drowned in his pool. However, that may have not been the case. According to Cynthia Kelley, at about 5 am Sunday, Rodney King was screaming and banging on the glass door in his backyard.

She then went on to call the police and in doing so, she heard a loud splash. Rodney King was dead. The Paramedics arrived and lifted his body out of the pool and attempted CPR, but he didn't budge.

"Doesn't this all seem suspicious? I mean think about it. Right before his death, he was banging on his glass door in the backyard and screaming, then all of a sudden he ended up in his pool and drowned. To me, it sounds like someone else was involved in the situation, or he was probably delusional and saw a ghost or something. But it's a bit fishy, and I refuse to see this as an accident. I believe he was murdered. Another thing that seemed fishy to me is that he died at the same age as Whitney Houston, and died similarly. Well one year apart. Whitney died at 48, Rodney at 47. It may be a coincidence but never rule out possibilities. I think Rodney King died before he entered the pool. I'm eager to see the autopsy on this case." Quote by Trinikid


  1. Something doesn't sound right. His fiance's story sounds a bit suspicious too...Why wouldn't she just open the door to let him in instead of going to get her phone? Also, what the heck was he doing hanging out alone in the pool all night long? As a responsible fiance, there is NO way i would let my husband be hanging out at the pool unsupervised if I knew that he's been drinking and smoking all day. This story is just too sad...


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