God Of War 4 Ascension Is Being Designed

I am a huge fan of the God Of War series, and after playing all three games, I think that I came to the conclusion that it is all over for Kratos. But a little birdie told me that another one is on the way. I can't possibly see how they can even continue on from God Of War 3 after what happened in the end of it. Maybe that's why the new installment was not called God Of War 4 but God Of War Ascension. This can possibly indicate that the new God Of War is not a continuation to the rest, but a new beginning.

Before watching the trailer I got this epic idea that the new installment would be a continuation of the third one, about Kratos ascending to some place after he died, and all the adventures along the way.

"Even though I knew how impossible it would be for that to happen after everyone died. But at least it was a cool thought" Quote by Trinikid.

The fourth play station installment of the game, according to the teaser will be what happened before and will not go in an order.

"You know, like Star Wars" Quote by Trinikid.

The teaser didn't give us much, but it fueled my anticipation so as soon as it drops, I want to play it, and leave a review.