ENTERTAINMENT: Who Won Season 11 Of American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol Season 11 2012!

I must admit that I didn't get to see the entire finale of American Idol season 11, but I couldn't miss the most important part of the show. That part when Ryan Seacrest takes that very special envelope and announces the new American Idol in front of millions of eagerly anticipating fans, "PRICELESS".

The announcement was made at the very end of the show which consisted of a host of performances from a popular cast of artiste. Jennifer Lopez did her thing, also did Steven Tyler. Phillip Phillips performed a song and so did Jessica Sanchez, "There were a few others, but as I said, I didn't see the entire show. I was caught up in prior engagements ..lol"

I did manage to also catch the proposal. Did you see it? "Priceless" That was such a priceless moment, "American Idol: Creating priceless TV moments since.............."

All in all,  the two finalists did really well and it was very hard to decide who was the best, but at the end, America voted.

The winner of American Idol was none other than Phillip Phillips.

I'm sure by now you see the trend. Americans just love white guys with guitars. This was the fourth year in a row that it happened and the trend continues to rise. Because of the trend I wanted Jessica Sanchez to take home the trophy, as I stated here.

However the new American idol for 2012 was well deserved as the man with the same first and last name performed almost flawless each time. I don't think that Jessica was disappointed that she came second but more proud of Phillips. The whole arena cheered him as he sung his final song to the American Idol crowd. It was a perfect television moment.


Are you looking forward to see the American Idol finalists tour?