ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Has Battleship Made/Grossed In It's Second Box Office Weekend? A Depressing $10.8 Million

I really thought that Battleship would have rebounded after its terrible opening. I just assumed that The Avengers was sucking the life out of the box office, however after Men in Black 3 came and toppled the box office beating the Avengers, it is kind of a mystery to me why Battleship is still sinking and weren't able to do the same. Is it a bad film or something?

Battleship managed to pull of $25.4 million in its first week which was uber disappointing, and now the alien flick made even less, much less in its second week. The film grossed $10.8 million in its second week raising its domestic earnings to a mere $44.3 million. So as you can see, the film is not getting more sales each week, but less, so it doesn't look too good for Universal Pictures or Taylor Kitsch. Battleship can be another Taylor Kitsch film that suffered a loss in 2012. The first was John Carter. Does America just don't like Taylor Kitsch? Really? Are they just boycotting his films for some reason. I'm confused, #LOL.

I'm curious to see how Savages does in the near future, hopefully he mat make a great rebound, or else we will have no choice but to brand him as a poor actor. However I still have some faith in Battleship, because it is a good movie and hopefully by the end of its product life cycle, the film can make up some profits.