ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did The Avengers Make Worldwide? The Avengers Passes $1 billion Worldwide.

The Avengers is definitely the best movie ever, and it consistently keeps proving to the world that it is, without a doubt. After it's impressive opening US weekend with $200.3 million The Avengers is still raking in the paper even to today.

Within the US Box Office it was reported that the superhero flick grossed $103.2 million in the weekend's box office, beating Dark Shadows and Think Like A Man. And those statistics mean that The Avengers is the first film ever to reach nine digits in its second domestic weekend and also the first film to make $1 billion worldwide "In case you didn't know. $1 billion is a lot of money.".

"Isn't it obvious why The Avengers is so popular and actually made $1 billion? The Avengers consists of a host of heroes that had their own movie that each grossed a lot. So it obviously had a combination of fan bases for this movie. Even though some fans may intersect, each hero have their own individual fan bases. The Avengers wasn't only an assembly of the world's greatest heroes but also an assembly of fanbases." Quote by Trinikid

Dark Shadows was estimated to gross $150 million but this weekend it only made $28.8 million, which is pathetic in comparison to The Avengers. I wasn't surprised that Dark Shadows didn't make as much as expected because there really wasn't as much a hype for the show as for The Avengers, and also I think the Dark Shadow was overshadowed by The Avengers.

I strongly believe that the $1 billion made by The Avengers was earned, because I watched The Avengers and it was the best movie that I saw in a long while.

Below is this weekend's US Box Office.

1.The Avengers, $103.2 million
2.Dark Shadows, $28.8 million
3.Think Like a Man, $6.3 million
4.The Hunger Games, $4.4 million
5.The Lucky One, $4.1 million
6.The Pirates! Band of Misfits, $3.2 million
7.The Five-Year Engagement, $3.1 million
8.The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, $2.7 million
9.Chimpanzee, $1.6 million
10.Girl in Progress, $1.4 million