ENTERTAINMENT: How Did The Avengers Do On Its Opening Day? The Avengers Beat The Hunger Games By $12 Million

So there is no doubt that The Avengers is a great movie that everyone must see, but the fact that it beat The Hunger Games by $12 million on its opening day is surreal. The superhero flick grossed $80.5 million on its opening day kicking New Moon out of second place. The only movie on top of The Avengers for highest grossing opening day is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 which earned $91.1 million. "You don't say"

The Hunger Games grossed $68 million on its opening day and many critics believed that The Avengers didn't have the capacity to pass it, but they did it by $12 million. So all the critics could go rave somewhere else.

"The Avengers made The Hunger Games look almost insignificant!!! Poor Katniss. Maybe Catching Fire might make it." Quote by Trinikid

"Just as importantly," writes the the Los Angeles Times "moviegoers gave the film an average grade of A+, according to market research firm CinemaScore. Such a perfect score is very rare and indicates word-of-mouth will be excellent and many fans will likely return for repeat viewings."

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