The Vampire Diaries Season 4 scoop has been revealed.

One of the biggest shows on television is The Vampire Diarie and I strongly believe that the Twilight films had a huge part to play in its creation and success, and with another Twilight film on the way it is no doubt that the producers of  The Vampire Diaries  is picking up the show for a fourth season. Read on to get all the details.
 Season 3 has yet to be completed but the Executive Producer Julie Plec is already making plans for a fourth season of the hit show. She has revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that discussions are already going on about the story line and the introduction of new characters. She also stressed the newness of the fourth season by saying that it will contain great romance, a new mystery and a new villain. "Who can this new Villain be?"

The Premiere date of the new season has not been revealed just yet, but just relax with some sweet music until Season 4 premieres. Or at least look at the older episodes to ensure that you are mentally prepared for the new season.

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