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Posted by Trini Kid - - 22 comments

Do you think this is real? Well it is 100% the real deal. This extra large Bat is called the Giant Golden Crowned flying fox according to Wikipedia. This bat is said to be on the verge of extinction, but the fact that they are still around means that a large bat can run you down anytime soon.

The bat looks like some kind of scary vampire in a movie, "If you look closely, it seems to resemble Edward Cullen. I wonder if this big guy ever saw the twilight movie? Good question. #LOL"

"I would love to see one of these bats in action. Probably like sucking on a cow or something. The cow might quickly just shrivel up and die" Quote by Trinikid, "Thank God Bats don't attack humans, or else one hundred of these babies will be like Van Helsing all over again"

The bat, that seems to be enjoying a "doobie" was found flying around in the jungles of the Phillipines, and captured by some people.

"I won't be surprised if they had the Bat hung up because they were going to cook it, but that's just me being stereotypical #LOL" Quote by Trinikid.

While watching these video, I want you to imagine being chased by these bats.

22 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all, your comments about a bat chasing you are false. This photo may be real, but it was taken from an angle that makes the bat look huge. I can create a picture of a 10 foot tall hamster with the right cameralense and angle.

    Secondly, you are harming the environment with your unfounded fears. As the video below your comment says, these bats only eat fruit. And would not chase a human. I don't know how you can write all those things when you have educational videos about this right below your uneducated rant. Bat populations are severely endangered due to these sort of "scary bat stories." Fear caused by misinformation causes cave vandalism and bat killing.

    Bats in the US save farmers $3.7 Billion per year in pesticide usage and lost crops, fruit bats pollinate fruits such as bananas,figs, dates and mangos and they disperse the seeds of plants and trees to help regenerate rain forests. Without bats, humans would have some big problems and probably higher prices of food. It would be fantastic if you would delete this photo or at the very least correct your false write up.

  2. The first statement you made may be absolutely true, because frankly I wasn't around when they took the picture.

    However your second statement is questionable. I did say, and I quote, "Thank God Bats don't attack humans, or else one hundred of these babies will be like Van Helsing all over again" Even though I said it in humor, I am well aware that Bats don't chase humans. I was simply trying to allow everyone to imagine how it would be if they did run after us. It would be some scary stuff "Well to me, it would be"

    In terms of your third statement, I thank you for those statistics because I was unaware of it.

    I can consider doing what you wish, but I am not really seeing where i went wrong. My style of writing can sometimes be a bit comical, "but apparently you didn't find it funny"

    What I can do is allow you to rewrite the post the way you would like it, keeping the picture and the title. How's that?

  3. Carrie says:

    Number 1, it's a fruit bat. They don't "suck on humans" or even attack them. The only vampire bats live in South America and they are tiny and timid. Number 2, I am sickened that this bat was caught and killed. Bats are a tremendous resource when it comes to pollination and help the growth of rainforests by spreading seeds through their spoor.

    I understand that perhaps you were trying to be humourous, but this kind of fear mongering just encourages the ridiculous fears that humans already have of bats. They are a very beneficial animal and far too many people have unfounded dread of these marvelous creatures. I think you may have tried to educate people instead of spreading misleading information. I have personally worked with giant bats as well as the little ones, and I have great respect and love for them. Please don't suggest that people work themselves up to fear them.

    FYI, did you know that a big brown bat (Canada & North America) can eat over 1,000 mosquitoes per hour? Not to mention that they snack on those irritating moths that bother you while you are camping or sitting around a fire? Our insectivore bats should be encouraged into our living areas! As long as you have a water source nearby, put up a bat house and enjoy their bug-busting antics. You'd be pleasantly surprised at how they greatly lower insect populations. And no, they DON'T fly into your hair. With their echolocation, they can "see" objects the size of a human hair. They'd rather avoid you than fly into you risking injury.

  4. kait says:

    The bat is shown in front of the militants. It's probably less than 8" long and could very well have a wing span of 5 feet but they aren't birds and their wings would never be able to carry as much weight as this picture makes them out to be at least a 2 foot long creature that the men are walking under and around. People are freaking out, and yes I don't like bats but I respect any creature in their own habitat, ie not in my house.

  5. Unknown says:

    Lmao this guy cant control peoples actions and if folks only look at this one page for info and research than theyre already foolish. I saw the humor in his post and dont feel like i would do anything to harm these animals ..take a.chill pill

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am the photographer of this photo. The bat in the photograph was 7' wing to wing. It tried to kill one of our party. It took five of us to wrestle it to the ground. One of the soldiers unloaded two clips into the beast. It finally stoped fighting us when we hacked its head off. We sewed it back on for the photo. The bat was delicious also.

  7. Anonymous says:

    See? Actually the only thing we should have feared is not the bat, it's the human, the genuine monster. Human greedily hunt everything and eat everything in the name of survival thingy which is kind of bullshit. Let me say, the same thing happened to orang utan, the nearest relative as human. Where did you raised so you can think that it's okay to consume something like near-to-extinction bat for no reason? Hell? Shame on you guys!!

  8. Dear person claiming to be the photographer: If you are and the bat was indeed aggressive, is the concept of rabies known to you? 3, 2, 1, you're dead. No loss. We really don't need unintelligent people who think one animal's strange behavior represents an entire species. It is widely known that most large bats are fruit bats. If you weren't endangering its offspring, it was most likely suffering from a condition that tempered with its mind and made it attack. If so, and that bat was indeed rabid, and you idiots ate it, well - you're all going to die :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahahaha this is too funny, you lot arguing and I saw the funny side, but those bats are too cute, I want one, it could eat all them annoying spiders in my house :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    you re argueing for something that's not real. above the "giant" bats head you can clearly see a "giant" dagger. fail

  11. Anonymous says:

    blur photo.
    its said wing of flying fox is 1,2 m long, but video shows much longer.
    although horrific at first,any creature exposed as Trophy is sad
    fact,even in photo shop.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Da fuq is everyone arguing for. Is a bat.a big bat. Is cool. Stop arguing

  13. Anonymous says:

    Da fuq is everyone arguing for. Is a bat.a big bat. Is cool. Stop arguing

  14. Anonymous says:

    Da fuq is everyone arguing for. Is a bat.a big bat. Is cool. Stop arguing

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wonder why ppl are so uptight.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Lets all freak out and act like douchebags to total strangers via the internet!!! Calm down people. Its a huge friggin bat, its pretty sweet if you ask me. Why the drama? Just stfu and appreciate nature.

  17. Unknown says:

    Vampire Bats live in your research!

  18. Ok I have read all of these Comments! Your all arguing about BATS! Some ppl fear them some ppl love them! And some ppl dont care! In fact! You realize probably %90 of ppl wont even bother to read the comments?

    Now about the Bat being caught and Killed! Its the Philippians!! They Catch, Kill, and Eat Endangered animals Just so Survive! And Think of it this way! How do you know some farmer or hunter or whatever wanst walking through the woods and this guy decided to surprise him with a hello? Personally if this guy popped up out of nowhere I would kill it out of Reflexes alone! Then I would call the proper Authorities!

    I know they are endangered! But you gotta stop a look at the Big picture here! This bat my not have been killed out of game! It just looks that way! But notice all the Military men and the Blue tape around the bat? That not a Get in line look at what we killed attraction! Its a Military do not enter space! But you all look at the bat and not its surroundings!

    That being said! I feel my point has been made!

  19. Bats do to chase humans: I was about to rent a house in Altadena, Ca., USA, when my family and me were about to go closer to the front porch to show a neighbor (the house was on the same block that we lived on), bats came out of the chimney and started chasing us! We were running and swinging at them out of fear of getting bitten by them.

  20. i just want to say hey men this place not in philippine but INDONESIA men!what kind of the news u gave it to us til u could wrong bout the bakcground place of above INDONESIA men OMG!

  21. wow...I would just like to say that all these point have an equal truth and yes Trinikid made some comical references to Giant Bats in this blog but come the sound of it most of you are either lover of bats or just people who just want to know facts not humor so im sure he thanks you all for your comments yes but all the hater comments could have just been left as respectfully points and im pretty sure he's learnt a lot because reading all these comments I have learn a lot about bats and there importance so I a lot thank your all....without Trinikid humor and his readers comments I wouldn't have journeyed into the world of bat! :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    cracked mofo