The Hunger Games makes $68.3 Million in one day

"Wait wait wait wait wait!!!!" The Hunger Games made what? 68.3 million dollars in one day! I am speechless.

The highly anticipated movie came out on top of the box office this weekend in just one day, and the weekend isn't even over yet. The Hunger Games broke the record for the best opening for any non sequel and placed fifth highest overall of all time.

"Trust me, that's a big thing. The fact that there weren't much recognized actors in the movie, yet still it made so much. That's huge" Quote by Trinikid

The teen thriller debuted on Thursday March 22nd 2012 and went into the weekend with a strong start over its competitors. The movie with the highest grossing opening day is the final installment of Harry Potter with $91.1 million, followed by New Moon with $72.7 million, then Breaking Dawn with 71.6 million, and eclipse with $68.5 million.

If the Hunger Games can gross a $150 million dollar film debut, then it will be named the best film in the world..

"I strongly believe that Hunger Games will gross more than the twilight saga, because the hunger games has an even audience while twilight had a mostly feminine audience. This can really make a difference in the box office. So lets cross our fingers and hope for the best" Quote by Trinikid

"I think i'mm going to watch the Hunger Games, but sadly I don't think it has reached the Caribbean, so when it does, i'm going to watch it." Quote by Trinikid

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