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China Travel Guide: Must-See Attractions

China has never failed to wow her visitors with her rich history, a colorful civilization and a great number of awe-inspiring attractions. A trip to the oriental land is worth remembering and if you are in search of some must see destinations in China, here goes the guide.
Great Wall:
The iconic Great Wall which was originally created to protect the country from any external hostility from the north is now unanimously acknowledged as one among the famous World wonders. It’s in fact the lengthiest defense in the entire world and has been built up of several linked walls set up throughout varied dynasties ruling over the land. A visit to China is never complete without witnessing the Great Wall.
The Gardens of Yu Yuan:
The Gardens of Yu Yuan is another remarkable destinations worth visit if you are in China. It is located to the south-west Shanghai & is famous for its majestic landscaping and architecture of Ming dynasty. The gardens come up with a great collection of flora, sculptures as well as classic architecture specimens like Yu Ling Long (the jade sculpture) & Grand Rockery. The place is also favored given its amazing zigzag bridge and quaint pavilions.
It’s another popular Chinese places to travel to when you are in the country. Gulin is situated on Li River and is notable for its breathtaking scenery, the intriguing caves, unique rockeries, verdant mountains, stones & crystal water. Major attractions in the beautiful oriental city are Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River, Hill of Solitary Beauty, the cave of reed flute, 7 star parks and much more.
Terracotta Warriors:
The legendary Terracotta Warriors are actually some life-sized figurines of Chinese army. They were somehow accidentally discovered around the 70s close to Xi’an. It is an awesome collection of 1000 armor wrapped warriors with distinct hair and facial features- this famous underground army even comes with horses and chariots.
The capital city of China is a definite must visit for every tourist in the country given its rich political and historical reference. Besides, the place is packed with several monuments, mausoleums and palaces for the enjoyment of the tourists here. The most remarkable tourist spots in Beijing are Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs and Tinanmen Square.
Potala Palace:
Potala Palace is architecture in pristine white and is recognized widely as an amazing built with awesome details. The place is actually the abode of His Holiness Dalai Lama, which makes it another must see among the varied Chinese attractions. The best part of the palace is called Red Palace which has got its roofs made with pure gold!
Jade Buddha Temple:
This Buddha temple draws numerous visitors every year given its rich heritage. It’s recognized as one among the oldest of the Buddhist monasteries of China where the Buddha statues were brought from the neighboring Burmese lands in nineteenth century. It’s located in Shanghai and is an attraction both for the local folks and the tourists here.
So, now that you have got the guide to the amazing attractions in China, don’t delay to pack your luggage and fly off to the beautiful Asian country.
Jason E. Mathis writes about Costa Rica destinations and other fascinating locations around the world. He is a regular writer of Costa Rica travel ideas and vacation tips.