Wiz Khalifa sued for $2.3 million for Black and Yellow

It's really amazing to see the kind of filth people in this world sue for, all in the attempt to leech money from rich folks. It was reported that the big boy Wiz Khalifa has been sued for $2.3 million by a Pittsburgh rapper named Maximilian for copyright infringements on his song that was copyrighted in 2008, "Pink and Yellow"
Grimy face for Rolling stone

Now just to clear some things up, "Who is Maximilian?" Do you know him? Well look at this you know him now. So this rapper just got publicity, and a stash full of cash in his pocket. Another thing is that Pink and Yellow is nothing like Black and Yellow. I guess the Michael Jackson family can sue also for Michael Jackson's song, "Black and White" Because I guess the dual color combinations are all copyrighted. #FAIL