Wikipedia has been blacked out on January 18th 2012- Stand against SOPA

It feels like a solar eclipse as the enlightenment shared through Wikipedia has been blacked out for a whole 24 hours. Do you feel it? Can you feel the pressure and the solitude that comes with ignorance. You no longer can copy and paste text from them for your research project or stalk your favorite celebrity, by reading everything there is to know about them.

Imagine a world without Wikipedia. Imagine a world without Youtube. Imagine a world with restrictions on your Search engines. No more getting your songs for free, but paying for them on itunes. No more downloading your favourite movies, or watching television online.

Are you imagining it? Do you see the horror and painstaking agony that is to come. Maybe 2012 will happen after all. We will all go back to playing board games, and waiting forever till your favorite song plays on the radio, and if not you will say to yourself, "Better luck tomorrow"

Let's rise up against SOPA!! Stand up for the freedom of the internet. Pick up your pickets and burn the bridges that the legislation seek to build. Say no to SOPA and say yes to freedom of the internet