Ian Alleyne's Crime Watch recap: Channa's death in Harlem was pending

So another episode of Ian Alleyne's Crime Watch is over and yet again i'm feeling sick. The things that happen in my beautiful country of Trinidad is horrific and unbearable. Now i'm not going into detail of everything that happened because it's very serious, dangerous and classified matters, however I will tell you all you need to know.

So I am assuming that you are all aware of the death of the "famous Channas" in Harlem. He was shot in his chest early in the morning while picking his flowers, which he does everyday. He was a loved man in the community, and was surrounded by family, but also allegedly a hated and wanted man. Certain persons have been eyeing down this man for years, with a gun at their side. The information is a bit sketchy, but it was alleged to be drug and turfed base.

"Channas" was apparently aware of the less than normal fragility of his life, so he laced his entire house with steel doors and steel windows. He was a man living in jail, but he was a walking target, so how can you blame him. He had no trusted friends, but only family around him. He rarely went outside for fear of his life, and he was paranoid. It was reported by Mr, Alleyne that Channas had called him up before to report his death threats to his life.

It was reported that he was shot before, and after recovering he took extra safety precautions to ensure that his life was safe. However, that morning when he was shot, was a moment of weakness that the criminals capitalized on. We can all assume that whoever shot him was aware that he picks his flowers every morning, so it can be someone in the neighborhood, or just someone working on a tip.

I don't know why they wanted to kill him, but the best bet is that it was drug related.

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