Crime Watch Recap- Birdnest Robbery in Penal gets a breakthrough, Bryan Barrington's penis was bit off by a police dog, and Duane O'Connor impersonates Ian Alleyne with a song

Ladies and Gentlemen, whenever you tune in to Ian Alleyne's Crime Watch, you must always remember to have these items on you.

1) A wash rag
2) A mop and a bucket
3)If you are a guy, Always have your wife, your girlfriend, your horner woman, or all three
4)A pad
5)Lastly, a Shamwow.

Because "iz wetting! after wetting"

Today's episode of Crime Watch was a bit disgusting, as a former soldier by the name of Bryan Barrington lost his penis/guns in a Police raid. The same man was victimized as being a member of the gang that was allegedly attempting to assassinate the honorable Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar. It was alleged that during a police raid on the man's house, one of the police dogs stretched for Bryan's Penis and bit it off, while he was handcuffed, "OUCH!!!" I don't know if he is guilty or not, but I think that was a bit uncalled for. I feel sorry for his children, because they may never exist due to his "injuries".

Also the Birdnest Robbery in Arouca had a major breakthrough as Mr. Alleyne found the woman involved in the crime, and has received very useful information on the whereabouts of the others. The results are still sketchy. (Remeber: Criminal elements will not be disclosed here, but tune into Crime Watch at 6pm at

Another interesting thing that happened was that Ian Alleyne was caught flexing on a woman in a party. Now that's not very news worthy but it was quite funny. I am saddened that the woman didn't show her face, she might have gotten famous # :( Her loss, I guess.

How can I forget Duane O'Conner, the police man that goes across Trinidad, impersonating Ian Alleyne. He sang a song on the show, and I must say it was good. I am currently seeking out Mr. O'Connor to do an interview with him for Bloggers inc. He is quite taller than Mr. Alleyne, so it's hard to mistake Duane for him, but he got the suit down. I can actually go as far as to say that he wears is better #LOL

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