Please don't leave me- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

don't leave me
I know I said I would call you,
And I made this mistake before,
But please baby I’m begging don’t walk out that door,
I need you in my life,
From you I cannot part,
You know you hold a special place deep within my heart,
Sometimes I may ignore you,

And make you think I don’t care,
But don’t forget whenever you need me I am always there,
I know I’m too emotional,
I cry too many times,
But baby I won’t be happy till I know your love is mines,
I get angry at you for crap,
I quarrel a lot and shout,
But the truth is that sometimes I can’t control my big mouth,
I know I need to change,
Please give me one more chance,
And before you know it we’ll be back in our romantic trance