The New York Times is the number one paper of swag

If your a fan of world news, you should be familiar with the New York Times. It's the classiest, coolest, most "Swag-filled" papers of them all in the market. They have been publishing papers for over one hundred and fifty years, and are functioning just as grand as they did before, and better. It's no doubt that reading the New York Times is more than just readership, but an experience. With an estimated viewership of over 23 million persons per month, and an advertising worth of $60-80,000 US per advertisement. If you are familiar with the internet, you will know that 23 million views per month is a lot and $60-80,000 US worth of advertising space is also.

Ultimately Bloggers inc will like to recognize the New York Times for it swag that is possessed by no other paper in its category. Definitely a reading experience. I was never given the opportunity to read a physical, hard copy of the New York Times, but the website grants an almost similar experience in a digital format.