iPhone vs Blackberry

Iphone vs Blackberry
So i'm planning on buying a new phone, and my options are wider now than ever. But between me and you, I think that my options are too wide and I may just end up buying an old black and white Nokia or something. It's a sad world when you enter into a phone store and you are tempted to buy every single phone in there, because you feel like you can't last without any.

Well in my search I ended up narrowing my options to the Blackberry and the Iphone. However deciding which to buy is another hurdle. The Blackberry seems to be the best bet because everyone I know possess some sort of Blackberry device, including myself. So finding contacts for my BBM list won't be hard right? Also there is much variety in the Blackberry, unlike the Iphone brand, that I can basically find a custom Blackberry suitable for me. Most Blackberries are also cheaper than Iphone's so after I might still have enough cash to go to Movie Towne and watch a good movie (LOL).

So the Blackberry seems better but after delving into the apps provided by an Iphone, the Blackberry's apps pales in comparison. The Iphone actually got more class associated with it, because of its worth and the fact that you can't find an Iphone in the pockets of every single student in a University unlike the Blackberry. So the Iphone seperates you from the crowd. The Iphone also looks better.

It was a difficult competition but at the end of the day deciding which brand is the better one is one that is non applicable to one opinion.

Which brand do you think is better