Christmas is coming- Poetry by Tricia Coutou

Around of this time each and every year,
People begin to care and share,
They come together all as one,
With the main goal of having fun,
Houses at the moment are being cleaned,
Tidiness is going to the extreme,
Living rooms and kitchens are all spotless,
No one is walking around aimless,
Each person is assigned a chore,
No one has the time to be bored,
As there is always something for them to do,
Which involves washing, moping or cleaning the bedrooms,
Groceries are being bought in every place,
Selling so fast like it’s a race,
To see who could get the best turkey or ham,
Not caring about money as they don’t give a damn,
The parang season has already begun,
And everyone is taking part in this action,
To shake the maracas and strum the guitars,
In the once a silent night under the stars,
Christmas time is upon us now,
Time to feel excited and act “all how”,
As this is the time of the year,
When we unite as one and act sincere.