Broke - Poetry by Tricia Coutou

I have an announcement for everybody,
Christmas is here and its time to spend money,
Its kind of sad for me to say,
I have no money to spend today,

I bought a dress and a pair of shoes,
After that I had no money to use,
I could not even afford something to eat,
So poor, I could not buy a doubles on the street,

Everything is so expensive although there are sales,
And its true when they are done nothing remains,
But what about people like me,
Who need an outfit for a party,

Necessities like perfume and deodorant,
Have to be bought because they run out,
I saved a little during the year,
But I had to spend it here and there,

School cost money that I don't even have,
When people see me they start to laugh,
I feel ashamed I look so wack,
But I have to keep my self esteem intact,

There is no parang for me this year,
No Christmas party full of cheers,
I have to say, and this is no joke,
This Christmas time I am really broke