Trinidad is too Dependant on Oil.

You know once in a while I usually go on rants about my country either positively or negatively, because I want to see my nation grow. I have noticed that Trinidad has put most, if not all of its resources into the oil sector and education sector and has indirectly neglected the other sectors (according to my knowledge). Eventhough this can be good, because oil and education are two very substantial assets to the nation, it isn't where all the country's potential is. Now i'm not supporting any party but I like what Mr. Patrick Manning was doing when he wanted to develop a smelter plant. (Wait wait, doh beat up just yet). I didn't like the idea of the smelter plant, but I liked the idea of creating more alternative means of revenue. So he had a good idea but a bad plan. (Doh Worry Mr. Manning, It happens)

My suggestion is to utilize the land in Trinidad and Tobago to develop a successful worldwide Agricultural based income. We should plant crops in the amount to satisfy the global market and export to larger nations which will in turn increase foreign exchange.
Someone can even take the initiative and dig a pond and breed Salmon in large amounts (A worthwhile investment).

I am not a University lecturer so I'll just give that, but I think the Honorable Kamla Persad Bissesar should think on these things and take action, before we wake up a morning to a bankrupt country.