Tringo reviews: Trinidad Daily Express Newspaper needs improvements.

Is it just me or has buying newspapers in Trinidad become a waste of $2.00TT? Well now I really believe it is, but Newspapers can be beneficial besides its content. Were you aware of that? It provides you with a sophisticated, educated, and rich look, similar to that of the famous rapper Drake.
Drake reading the papers with so much swag
But reading the Express newspaper, which I am a big fan of, just feels like a continuous cycle of page turns and cool advertisements, with the occasional important notice. It sometimes seems like you pay $2.00TT for two pages of your hard earned time. Also from my knowledge it seems a bit biased to the state affairs and not on what's really going on. Which is good, it keeps the newspaper in the safe zone but depreciates its reliance. People don't only want the news, but something to think about and hold on to, not just regurgitated issues. Take pattern of Ian Alleyne and the Mirror............................................

I know what your thinking, many papers are like that. Well not really the Trinidad Guardian surprised me the other day, but I still insisted on buying Express, because I'm such a loyal customer. But at the end of the day I'm not going to stop buying the Express, but I simply hold the opinion that the Newspaper needs to find some more of that "pep" that it once had among the competition. Think about it, there are three famous newspapers in the country, The Guardian, The Daily Express and Newsday, with the best currently being the Express. They all tell the same news most of the time, so what's the difference? In a matter of fact, what would make the difference? Something original and creative, like a new segment that is interesting, funny and "real" (the comics aren't funny anymore). Innovation is one of the keys to importance, and the Daily Express needs it desperately.

This is my honest review of the Trinidad Daily Express.