Is Darren Bravo the Saviour of the West indies Cricket team?

The West indies Cricket team has been seeing hard times lately, and no solution seems to be working. The WICB has been on a failing streak right through the decade and still are. However a Saviour seems to be rising up from the Trinidad waters, a relative of the great Brian Lara and the brother of the entertaining and exhilarating  Dwayne Bravo. If you said Darren Bravo you are absolutely right......Read on...........

Is he the future Brian Lara?
Darren Bravo's performance has been exceptional and he seems to be the man that has the highest potential to lead the West Indies to the promised land. His style of Cricket was compared to Brian Lara's style and even the way he looks (That's relative)
The big man himself

Many have called him a rising legend and this may put some pressure on him, but he's got the blood of Brian Lara in him. I won't be surprised if Darren Bravo surprises the world with a brilliant 500 not out. But I also won't be surprised if he fails for all he's worth and never gets picked again. It's quite a two sided coin, but we'll never know unless we flip, and maybe West indies Cricket is about to enter into the land of Milk and trophies. Just maybe.