Gillian Lucky Law School, To go or not to go?

Education is extremely important, especially today in this ever advancing world, and I take my education very seriously. I am considering getting into a field that is not only highly esteemed in the Caribbean, but highly esteemed in the world. The field of law.
"The Law"

I have many choices here in Trinidad of where I can study law, and my default choice is the University of the West indies. But I recently heard about a Law school owned by one of the best Lawyers and politician in Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs. Gillian Lucky. I am considering going there to pursue my studies in Law, because I heard lots of great things about Mrs. Gillian Lucky, not so much about the school though, so I'm a bit skeptical.
"Big time lawyer here"

Is going to this school worth the risk, or should I just study at UWI instead? When the time comes I'll just have to see which one appeals to me more.