Crime watch recap: Prison officers exploit prisoners

crime watch set
It is not alleged, but it is a fact that Crime Watch is the best show on Trinidad television without a doubt. If you are a Crime watch fan you should have heard about the exploitation of prisoners by prison officers in a certain prison. The prison officers allegedly exploit the prisoners to do labor work in labor intensive projects around the country of Trinidad, and then rake in a lump sum of money. The prisoners in return allegedly receive benefits in the jail, and the actions are then kept in secrecy. However an anonymous source revealed their plot and the prison officers responsible

Ian Alleyne in response to the tip, then called the prison officer who was supposedly responsible or possessed some information, but when the officer had answer he was unable to hear Mr. Alleyne, supposedly.

ian alleyne
In other matters a family was held hostage by a group of masked men in their home, who then stole the family's car, but during Mr. Alleyne's visit to the family, the police called and stated that they found the car. The family was very pleased at the news that their car was found and thanked Mr. Alleyne and the officers responsibl