The big boy Rick Ross is coming to Trinidad

"Ricky Ross!!"
The big boy Rick Ross is making his way to the lovely twin island of Trinidad and Tobago and i'm sure many just can't wait. Along with soaking in the Caribbean sun and flaunting his riches, he would be "blessing" us with music (LOL). The man who is assured to sell out venues and arenas is performing alongside local Trinidad talent and Jamaican talent at "fire and ice" in King George V park.
He needs to put down the Cigar

Rick Ross has a huge following in Trinidad even though many insult him a lot, they love his music. This man's music is the epiphany of gangster music, and the classy life of a gangster. I am not going into much detail about this, because I am not going and because I am not a Rick Ross fan, but for the sake of imparting knowledge to those who don't know. So for more info click here