Conrad Murray is innocent!!!!

It is alleged that Conrad Murray is the man that killed the pop legend Michael Jackson. But from many sources the murderer of Michael Jackson was none other than Michael Jackson himself. He overdosed himself on drugs such as Propofol in order to get some sleep, which was due to his upcoming tour. Drug overdose is a common thing among stressed out Celebrities and not something that Doctors are responsible for.

Conrad Murray stated that he succumbed to Michael's plea for the drug. Now if you think about it, Michael Jackson was his boss and he demanded the drug, so he gave him what he asked for. If Conrad goes to jail for that, then every single Cigarette and Alcohol store should go to jail for giving people those deadly chemicals( I hope you understand what I am saying)

Michael Jackson killed himself because he didn't want to take advice from his doctor and overdosed on the drugs. He was ignorant and overdosed himself like Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse Conrad is innocent!!!!!!!!! He is being mistreated by the Michael Jackson fans and family, because they are all looking for someone to blame. He is being used as a scapegoat and because the Jackson five got money I won't be surprised if they win.

Please don't let an innocent man go to jail. Someone please say something. My heart goes out more to Mr. Murray and his family than the Jackson family. He is an innocent man, and someone needs to point that out. CONRAD IS INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Cigarettes and alcohol are all legal without a doctor present. Propofol can only be given by a doctor with a heart monitor attached to patient. It can not be sold over the counter, behind the counters and it can't be given without a doctors supervision. Even if Michael Jackson injected himself, which I feel is impossible unless the needle was still stuck on him, Conrad should have kept an eye on his Propofol because MJ was an addict. What gives Dr. Murray a right to leave his patient unsupervised with a extremely dangerous addictive drug that needed him there at all times! Ask this question to yourself, why did Michael Jackson have hire Dr. Murray to be inject propofol if he injected it himself? The doctor needs to be there and he wasn't!

  2. You are making a lot of sense, and according to how it looks presently I believe Mr. Murray is on his way to jail. However there is still hope for him, and I'm going to support him till that Judgement is made.............


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