iCarly vs Victorious

Before i begin this post, I would like to apologize for not updating this blog as much as I used to. But I recently had gotten a part time job at a hardware and worked from 8 to 5. So my creativity refused to spark. However i'm back now, so expect regular posts.

Recently I became a fan of two Nickolodean shows. They are "iCarly" and "Victorious" I must admit that the shows are quite funny and entertaining. However I was curious to know which was considered better. I loved both shows so much that I couldn't decide on my own, so I decided to ask around.

Firstly i'll start with the comments that I got for Victorious. It was stated that Victorious is funny and the actors in the show are a group of good looking teenagers. The actors have been given more ratings in the "looks" department and in the acting. However their acting can be quite shaky sometimes. The randomness of the show was also rated high, because as you know, randomness is a must in any Nickolodean show.

Now iCarly was given much ratings. The show definitely has much more experience than Victorious and has more overall views. Spencer, Sam and Gibby were voted as the best actors in the show. The actors' "looks" were rated high, but Victorious won in that department. Victorious also was rated higher in the funny department. Randomness was rated high for iCarly and it was well used and not abused.

After some analysis, Victorious has won the contest. For its short time on television, Victorious has captured the hearts of viewers. It's funny, got a good looking cast and randomn. All the ingredients for a great Nickolodean show..