Getting accepted by the University of the West Indies (UWI)

When you think about Universities does the University of the West Indies come to mind. Well probably not unless your from the Caribbean. But I'm here to tell you that it should come to mind. It is a great University with lots of great facilities for such a small establishment. It may not be as grand as Yale, or Oxford University. It may not have produced billionaires and multi billionaires, but it has the potential to and this is what should be considered.

My adventures with this great University isn't a happy one, but quite a nerve wrecking one at the time. I am currently applying for my first year and I haven't got accepted yet, but i'll know by the 24th of august 2011 or I may find out online. Knowing the admission requirements I am already in, but if competition gets tough, i'm out but not for the count. I still have the ability to do N1 and spend a year in UWI before I actually get another opportunity to get my degree.

Chances are I'll get in because my faculty isn't as competitive. And if you are reading this and you are also nervous about getting in here is a few things to consider.

1. A higher percentage of people get accepted than rejected

2. If you didn't apply for Engineering, Medical school, Buisness management, then basically you are in, because the other faculties aren't as competitive.

3. Most of the competition recieves scholarships and go abroad. So it makes it easy for students with less competitive marks.

4. Sometimes people who get rejected have better grades than those that got accepted. It all depends on the faculty that you choose.

5. The basic requirements are 5 passes and two must be at A level.

6. The two main causes of rejection are not having the requirements and not getting competitive grades according to your faculty

It's that simple, but still don't over estimate your chances, because over time each faculty may become more competitive.

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  1. hi...... would you say that international relations is a competitive field and is there any specific requirements for tht field as well??
    thank you very much, its greaty appreciated


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