Top ten best Gospel songs 2011

If you haven't notice yet that I am a christian and I listen to a lot of gospel music. So I decided to dedicate this post to gospel music. I am going to count down the top ten gospel songs in 2011 according to my views on it. I love Jesus and think people should listen to music that is dedicated to him. So here goes.

10. Put on- Flame and C-Lite.

Great song to listen to, if you into rap and hype music. Flame is a man that is really on fire for the lord and C- lite really lets his light shine.

You can get Flame's album here.

9. Who am I- Casting Crowns.

Great song. I know that this song didn't come out in 2011 but it is a song that should be listened to in 2011.

You can get Casting Crown's Album here

8. Just like you- Lecrae

Personally Lecrae is one of my favourite artistes and all his music are all great. Definitely a must to listen to.

You can get Lecrae's album here

I don't only love this song because the artiste is from my home country Trinidad, but because the song is epic.

You can get Koen Duncan's album here(His new Album is currently not at Amazon)

6. Alive- Curtis Jordan

Another Artiste from Trinidad that releases awesome music. Great song to groove to.

Album cannot be attained here.

5. At the foot of the cross

The same song sung by two artistes. I love this song and i'm sure you will too.

4. Jesus Culture- Where you go i go.

Jesus Culture's music is great. Really good worship music. Eventhough it didn't come out in 2011, it's a great song to listen to in 2011.

You can get Jesus Culture's album here

3. Deitrick Haddon- Well Done.

One of my favourite artistes and he never disappoints. Definitely a blessed and gifted man, using his talents to glorify the name of Jesus.

You can get Deitrick Haddon's album here

2. Nobody Greater- Vishawn Mitchell

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard this and it still doesn't get dull. Where did this guy come from. He came out of nowhere and brought this song with him, which is just beautiful. Great song

You can get Vishawn Mitchell's album here

Now i am sure that you all are anxious for number one. Well the song that I chose, is my favourite gospel song and it came from non other than Deitrick Haddon

1. Power- Deitrick Haddon

You can get Deitrick Haddon's album here