Men in black 3 is coming soon (Plot details)

The much anticipated Men in black 3 is near and is due to release on the 25th of My 2011 and the main characters are still there. Tommy Lee Jones is still agent K, Will smith is still J and Rip Torn is stilll Zed. The cast even gets better and better as Nicole Scherzinger the famous pussycat doll plays a villain and Alice Eve plays young Agent Oh. Also Josh Brolin plays young Agent K

The basic plot of the movie is that Agent J and Agent K have to go back in time to save the world in the 1960's.

This Movie has the potential to be a hit as some great stars are in it and also Steven Spielberg is back as the producer. Did I mention it is going to be in 3D?

If this sequel gets as much attention as the past men in black movies, then we are in for a grand 3D experience.