JK Rowling to make big announcement next week about Pottermore (Is it a Harry Potter Social networking site?)

Is something big going to happen in the world of Harry Potter. Well it seems so because the author of the book Jk Rowling plans on making a big announcement six days from 6/16/2011.

Fans have speculated a lot, but nobody seems to know except Rowling and her crew. Whatever it is Jk Rowling describes it as something new for the Harry Potter fans and that it has something to do with the name Pottermore. Now at first i thought that it was a new book, but sadly all evidence shows that it isn't.

Theories are that it is a Harry Potter Encyclopedia or a Harry Potter themed social networking site. However these are just theories. And the teaser for the big announcement is , "The owls are gathering." Hmmm. It is possible that it is a Harry Potter themed social networking site and i think it is. But only time will tell and to be more exact, in about six days. Harryspace, Potterbook or Pottermore.

There is a website though that shows this picture when viewed  www.pottermore.com

Stay tuned and as soon as the info is out, i will post about. For now, just wait patiently and don't ram sack her garbage for evidence