Greyson Chance, the New Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber had his time in the sun, but is he about to be overshadowed by the barely a teenager superstar Greyson Chance. Very young and talented and his debut album became a hit probably as soon as it came out. From simply a sixth grade talent show that he uploaded on The video sharing site youtube he earned a million hits. Which sky-rocketed him to fame. He was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show where he was called up and congratulated by Lady Gaga

Definitely very talented and he will and already has gone far in his career. I'm not saying he is going to replace Justin Bieber because Justin Bieber has already done what he did. But Greyson Chance may be similar to Justin Bieber and even become better. I believe that Greyson's voice is much better than Justin Bieber's own even though Justin's songs are more developed and stuff. But eventually Greyson will surpass Justin and be on the top taking all of Justin Bieber's awards. But There is no fighting down the fact that Greyson chance is very talented.

Download his song and a poster here.