Facebook should improve its features.

I don't know if it's just me, but I think facebook is getting dull. I'm not saying that I don't like facebook. On the contrary, i love facebook and it's very convenient. However after all these years of using facebook, it got quite dull to me. The interface, the patterns and everything is just the same throughout. There were slight changes over the years, but it is hardly visible.

Everytime I visit facebook it's the same old thing. It might be great for new users, but for old users it is just quite repetitive. Facebook should get some new features that are just epic. How would facebook be if it had video chat. Imagine that!

I love facebook and if it crashes i'll be really sad, but it just needs some new features. A new social network will definitely get traffic, because it's something new and old things are passed away.
I'm throwing this out to Mark Zuckerberg.