Brendan Fraser Joins The DC Universe.

Brendan Fraser has been MIA for some time, only making small appearances here and there. But the Mummy slayer himself is now making probably one of the biggest appearances in his life and we couldn't be any more excited about it. Let's dive right into it.
DC is releasing a new streaming service and Brendan Fraser will be headlining in one of the new live action films. He will be playing Robotman in Doom Patrol.

Brendan Fraser has definitely got the look to play Robotman. And if you don't know anything about Robotman let me give you a little quick piece of information.

Cliff Steele was a racecar driver. However, he got into an accident that completely destroyed his entire body. But his brain remained intact and Dr. Caulder was able to put his brain into a robot's body.
Doom Patrol will be a "reimagining of one of DC’s strangest group of outcasts: Robotman (Fraser), Negative Man, Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby) and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero). Led by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder they’re called into action by the ultimate hero for the digital age, Cyborg (Joivan Wade). Banding together these rejects find themselves on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC universe."

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