Black Panther Just Crossed Another Box Office Milestone

Black Panther may be out of most theaters but that isn't preventing the superhero flick from breaking more records.
After some unexpected theater earnings on Thursday and Friday, Black Panther has officially crossed the $700 million mark domestically making it the highest grossing Marvel film OF ALL TIME!! It's crazy to think about.

Black Panther's $700 million mark also makes it the third highest grossing film domestically of all time with only Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens respectively as the top two.

However, Avengers: Infinity War is following closely behind T'Challa with a massive $678 million.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens still remains comfortably at the top of the list with $937 million. The only film that I see with the potential to beat that figure is the upcoming Avengers movie. If Avengers doesn't do it then I don't see any new movie hitting number one anytime soon.

Congratulations to Black Panther on reaching new highs. Do you think it deserved all the hype? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments section below.

Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.