A Prequel To The Sandlot Is In The Works.

It seems like the Hollywood reboots just keep on coming because we are about to get another one and it's going to be a real treat for all the fans of The Sandlot.
The Sandlot celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary earlier this year and with that 20th Century Fox has decided to develop a prequel to our favorite sports comedy.

The prequel is currently in its early stages but it has already been confirmed and the original writer and director David Mickey Evans is said to be co writing the script with Austin Reynolds.

Deadline has reported that the script will involve the legend of "the Beast" from the first film and that's basically all we know about the upcoming film.

It's tough to tell if this is actually a good idea because this isn't the first time that Hollywood has rebooted The Sandlot. There was The Sandlot 2 and The Sandlot: Heading Home which both went straight to DVD.

So let's hope that this prequel could outdo their last two predecessors and actually do well.

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Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.