The Dark Knight To Get Limited IMAX Re-Release To Mark 10-Year Anniversary.

Can you imagine that it has been 10-years since the Dark Knight film was released. Dude!!! I feel so old now! But now, we can all list it among the classics of our generation as it was one of Christopher Nolan's greatest films.

Dark Knight completely crushed it in the Box office and it's now getting a second life. To celebrate the movie's 10-year anniversary, the studio will be re-releasing the film in 70MM IMAX (Thanks Warner Brothers).

The re-release will be from August 24th in four select IMAX theaters where it will run for one week. The IMAX theaters will be San Francisco (AMC Metreon IMAX), Los Angeles (AMC Universal Citywalk IMAX), New York (AMC Lincoln Square IMAX) and Toronto (Ontario Place Cinesphere IMAX).

Tickets are already on sale.

The Studio announced the news via a press release saying:

With “The Dark Knight,” Nolan broke new ground—shooting select sequences of the movie with IMAX film cameras—making “The Dark Knight” the first major feature film to utilize IMAX 70mm film and take advantage of the format’s massive scale and increased resolution. The movie was hailed by both critics and audiences and went on to be the top-grossing release of 2008. In the years since, Nolan has continued to pioneer the use of IMAX film cameras, employing them on an even greater scale in “The Dark Knight Rises,” as well as “Interstellar” and, most recently, “Dunkirk.”
The exclusive limited engagement will offer the public an extremely rare opportunity to see “The Dark Knight” on the biggest screens possible, as it was intended to be seen—in IMAX 70mm film—offering a uniquely immersive cinematic experience.

The Dark Knight was a revolution in superhero movies as it introduced a high level of dark grittiness that was rare among suerhero flicks at the time. If you are in those areas during its release you should definitely go check it out.

Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.