Star Wars Episode IX Could Finally Answer A Big Force Awakens Question.

The end of  Star Wars: The Last Jedi left a lot of questions mainly because it didn't really answer many of the questions left behind at the end of Force Awakens. But the next Star Wars movie has got it covered.

According to a rumor circulating the movieverse, Star Wars Episode IX will answer a few of the unanswered questions. One of those questions is how did Maz Kanata come by possession of the Anakin Skywalker lightsaber?

This question was never answered in the The Last Jedi

It is still a rumor but I have faith that it is true, mainly because Maz Kanata is said to be having a much larger role in the upcoming Star Wars film.

Maz will reportedly be accompanying Rey in her travels early in the film and the rumor mill is saying that during that time Maz will explain to Rey how she came about the lightsaber.

Apparently, Lando Calrissian found the lightsaber in a lost and found box during his return to Cloud City after it was collected by the city's Ugnaught inhabitants. He then turned it over to Maz, believing she would know what to do with it.

Now, this is only a rumor and has yet to be confirmed but it definitely makes a lot of sense.

Filming for Episode IX is said to be already underway so the rumors are going to keep coming. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.