Stallone's Rambo 5 Begins Shooting In September.

John Rambo is making a return to the big screen and we've got the BIG MAN himself, Sylvester Stallone coming to reprise his role. Here's to another Hollywood reboot!
Stallone is coming back for Rambo 5 and according to reports, filming is scheduled to begin as soon as September in Spain/Spanish Canary Islands.

In this fifth film John Rambo will be helping out a neighbor whose daughter is "kidnapped by sex-traffickers who turn out to be members of a violent drug cartel and the older Rambo agrees to find/rescue her."

There is no official report on who will be directing the upcoming film but many are speculating that Stallone will be directing the film himself. This is all the information we have about the film but we can expect to see it in theaters sometime next year.

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Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. cant wait, love the series. gotta watch them again as i named recently named my amstaff Rambo.

  2. i've loved Rambo since i was 12, so, yes, definitely, can't wait


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