What Joaquin Phoenix Could Look Like As The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix is the newest joker and I personally believe that they couldn't have picked anyone more perfect than him. His looks matches that of the joker so much. However, I am still curious as to how exactly he will look. Well, thanks to "Boss Logic" we may have an idea.

Once again, Boss Logic's artwork is just perfect. It's not an official image but really portrays the dark undertone that the film is going for really well.

Joaquin Phoenix will be the fifth man to play the infamous villain. And even though I have a lot of faith in him I think that he is going to have to work really hard to top Heath Ledger.

Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie is expected to begin filming as soon as September, this time with a slightly lower budget of $55 million. I'm looking forward to see Joaquin Phoenix play the Joker. I really am. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.