The Black Widow Movie Has Its Director

Just when I thought that Black Widow wasn't about to get her own movie Disney decided to drop some big news. Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will see a Black Widow movie with director Cate Shortland leading the way.

Marvel has been on the hunt for a director for Scarlett Johansson's iteration of Natasha Romanoff for quite some time with the studio reportedly interviewing up to 75 directors! And out of all of them they found Cate Shortland to be the best for the job.

Who is Cate Shortland, you might ask? Well, at first I had no idea but I am very well aware of her work. Remember that film "Berlin Syndrome" that had that trailer that went super viral on my Facebook page "Movie Trailers Now"? Yeah, she directed that. She also directed 2012's Lore and episodes of TV shows like Bad Cop, Bad Cop and The Secret Life of Us.

Black Widow will be Marvel's second solo female-led movie with next year's Captain Marvel being the first.

The film is expected to go into Romanoff's origin following the events before she met Tony Stark in Iron Man 2.

Marvel did say that phase 4 will be very female focused and that seems to be true. I will love to see Romanoff in her own movie. 

Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.